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Writer's Block: Girl Scouts' Day

Thanks alot!
What is your favorite Girl Scout cookie flavor?

Writer's Block: Do Not Forget

My ipod duhhh i can never be at peace without listening to music
What do you never leave home without?

Writer's Block: Ties That Bind

I have 9 friends
How many friends do you have?

Writer's Block: Hey Hot Stuff!

Good going!
You look great today! Give yourself a compliment.

Writer's Block: Dear God

why did he create us
If you could ask God one question, what would it be?

Writer's Block: Million Dollar Smile

What is the most amount of money the tooth fairy has given you for a tooth?

Writer's Block: Star Trek

to the end of the universe (if possible)
If you could visit anywhere in the solar system, where would it be?

Writer's Block: You’ve Got Mail!

i used to be 1 every month or so but now because of club activities 1 a day
How many times a day do you access your email account?

Writer's Block: Love is in the Air

Hmmm i've never been on a date and i'm not really interested on going one.... Oh! unless it's to a anime-con then i would definitively go ^_^

Writer's Block: Tough Choices

Well... i've never been in love so it's probably love... than again i don't really have friends, well i have a few friends but i practically never talk to them, as for my family... i'm not sure how i feel about them at all
If forced to give up one, which would you choose: love, friendship, or family?